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Fireship Tactic help a noob



I heared there is a perk or upgrade to go suizide in getting fire ramming the enemy and exploding


if i dont have the skill ill need to wait till i get fire, stop repair crews and explode...


but is there a long or short guide how to do it right?


i end up exploding before i can ram the other ship...

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If your ship is constructed out of the correct woods there is an increased chance of catching fire. You can also help it by installing certain mods such as open magazine (I am not sure of all the mods you can use). Once you have a ship that has a high chance of catching fire when being shot at you then have a fire ship. You then have to try and control the fire while trying to keep your ship maneuverable. This can be done by switching survival on and off while monitoring how many crew are assigned to fighting the fire. It can be quite tricky especially if you are still being fired upon as extra hits can make the fire spread faster than you can control and you explode too early, also when you are in fireshock you lose control of your ship so you have to be heading in the right direction.

I once managed to keep a Santi in or close to fireshock for 20 minutes as I chased another ship around the PZ. I eventually sank without getting him but it was fun watching him run away. Fireship tactics are a bit hit and miss and it is not possible to decide yourself when the ship will actually explode. 

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