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I lose your game ... my pc crashed


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14 hours ago, PhilippeduBugue said:

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I losed nearly all my files : and I lose Ultimate Admiral : AoS ...

I can reach my Xsolla count and I still have mine in your forum.

How can I do to bring back your game ?

Thanks for your answer.


Please check the original email from Xsolla (with the game key and link to downloand the launcher) in your inbox. If you cannot find it, please let us know.

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18 hours ago, PhilippeduBugue said:


Thanks for your answer.

I will need your help with this ... of course I lose all my old messages in this accident ...

All (or nearly) my personnals informations have sunk as a spanish frigate in this crash.

Can you give me the way to soluce it ?


Have you lost access to the email that was used to purchase the game?

The fastest way to resolve issues related to account recover would be to contact Xsolla team either via Live Chat at help.xsolla.com or email support@xsolla.com

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3 hours ago, PhilippeduBugue said:

Xsolla ? hum ... ok I will do it but I don't expect something great with them.

I don' have a good memory of their way to soluce my last problem when it was impossible to load the game. Ihope they will not send me in a bad forum once gain.

I will tell you what will happen.

Wait and see ...

Could you please clarify if you have access to the email address that was used to purchase the game? If so, please send me a private forum message and provide the address (or you can send a mail to info@ultimateadmiral.com from your email)

If you lost access to the email, please restore it by using default "Forget password" procedures

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Hello again !

Read and enjoy the xsolla answer ! it's such brilliant.


We apologize for the issue you're currently experiencing, and any delay it's causing to your gaming enjoyment. However, you have reached Xsolla Customer Support and we can only consult on issues with payments made in-game, not game technical support. If you have a question about any gaming issue, please contact the game support. You can find the contact information on the main page of the game. We sincerely hope they can resolve their issue.

Thank you for contacting Xsolla.

Xsolla Senior Customer Service Agent"

Rooo ! thanks Xsolla, if I need nothing, you'are the right company to call.

Question I lose the game, answer : you can find the contact information on the main page of the game ...

Aye-aye Sir, but I lose the game, can't you remind it ?

Something funny that I was sure to have this kind of answer. I quite sure that it was exactly the same mail with the last problem (when the game didn't load).

Ok, stop sarcasm and laugh. I'm confident of Game Labs and I'm (quite) sure to have, in the end, a solution.

I will send you my mail in a private message.

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