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big BUG converts and destroys my ships... :-L

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i bought a Trader Cutter snet him to another oupost by Tow License!

in the other outpost the Trader Cutter suddenly had 100% Cargo, but it was empty (zero of zero Slots filled!)

i cant leave port, i cant delet ot sell the trader cutter....

i tried severel things to debug... for example use the tcutter as a fleetship... THIS made everything really worth...

my main ship essex got suddenly converted to a Trader Cutter... and i could not leav port with my tradercutters.... 

than later i noticed, that the trader cutter which i moved before still was in the old Port!! my bad again i tried to fix it delet it.... lost some mor ships and credits...


cant delet the oupost because of this damm trader cutter, didnt try to move it again with tow licenc, i am afraid of destroying mor of my ships...


i waited till after maintenance and change lang settings nothing helped....


pls help me lost a essex a indefatigable and some smaller ships... arg





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Do you use a " program " too?

just kidding.

i have seen and had those glitches too,  but that only is for half a second and it turns in normal stats .

but here they hang ...and froose.

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