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Guides for Noobies for 2019 release

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Whilst there is a lot of available from members on here. How much is relevant to the 2019 release ?

In particularly for me.

Up to date help and guidance on combat. Forgive if I’m wrong. If so would welcome where I can find  guidance of combat based on the 2019 release.

I am ok (I think) on sailing etc. From practice. But combat is difficult to practice.

I could do with 2019 details on combat controls etc. I have keyed in for guides and what’s available seems out of date now.

My apologies if it is there and I have missed it. If so would appreciate where the info can be found.

Best wishes 

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I think the issue stems from a lot of things changing in the past to the point of making some guides completely wrong. Since things were changing and being very unstable the drive to update the guides changed to one of wait until they are done, then write something. The problem is that they are finally done (i think) but the writers of the guide may have moved on.

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