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Gregory Rainsborough

Small tweak to frontline mechanics

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I would propose a small tweak to frontline mechanics.

Remove the need for frontline mechanics in shallow water port counties. By this I mean counties where ALL ports in county are shallow water.

That'll create some more port battles I'm pretty sure and at little cost to anyone since no-one builds in shallow ports, they just tow/sail there.

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It will create easy RvR that is accessible to new players and small clans/nations... something desperately needed.  It could also be another special reason to visit the Bahamas.  Naval Action's best features come out with small ships, so I would love to see this suggestion made reality :) 

It also makes sense: there are arguments that can be made for the frontlines system when capturing clearly defined regions which might realistically have been linked together.  In the shallow area, the system currently in place seems very much random... I could certainly not look at a map without the zones labelled and know whether Watlings was controlled by George's or Pitt's Town (to name one example in a fairly large sea of them.)  From what I've seen many of these islands were uninhabited during this time period partially because they were so remote (and unimportant)... 

So why not have a mini-Caribbean where it's chaotic, fast, and fun?  Content for all who care to flip a small port at little expense and train for the slow, important ports of the large islands.

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