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As more and more new people join Naval Action as well as the content increasing, it might be good to have a place where you can find all the information. I think it would be very nice to have a wiki, where one can check details and stats of ships/equipment, look for tactics and guides and in general inform yourself about the game.


I found it very timeconsuming checking the Forum and Youtube and other sources for information, and yet I'm stumbling upon important stuff I had no idea existed.


I know, that the lag of a tutorial is intentional. We are supposed to figure stuff out by ourselves and thereby test the game mechanics. But at some point I think we can stop inventing the whell over and over again and start gathering our knowledge.


Foregive me, if this is redundant, I just couldn't find anything like that and thought I'd bring it up.


So what do you think?


Best regards,




EDIT: found it. http://wiki.theadmiralty.eu/tiki-index.php

thanx for the hint :)

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