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How do i get rid of stern campers



As in title, in pvp i notice alot of people are really good at sterncamping,

Now if im being sterncamped what is the best way to get them off? Im quite struggling to get a trinc of my arse while im in an aggy for example.

Thanks in advance

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Sail your boat gently upwind but don't tack. At crucial point de-power and push your yards the other way which causes your boat to reverse. Reverse turn like this. You'll get your broadsides in.

The mistake is to keep sailing forward trying to match the turn of the much smaller ship thats stern camping you

I'm not v good but this works for me

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Reversing can help, as a lot of players have problems adapting to it. They are used to people always sailing forward at full speed.
General tip: Slow down a bit every now and then and you'll find people give you their stern basically for free.
Additional tip: Don't get tagged by @Gregory Rainsborough in a Snow. If you do, prepare your anus :D

Another thing is tagging. If you suspect to be tagged by a smaller vessel tag first and as far away as possible. The further you are the less time you need to spend turning to bring your broadsides to bear. Especially ships like the Snow or the Hercules can be susceptible to demasting at range assuming you have a larger ship with larger guns. Getting those off your behind once they got up close and personal is next to impossible if their captain knows his/her stuff. Also try to get chain in as it affects not only speed but also turn rate.

"Surprise" stop and board is not going to work in most cases. Smaller ships will adjust heading and sail away in time while you still are trying to slow down. You can however use this to try and get a broadside in, especially against ships like the Trinco. Their turn rate is not that much better than an Aggie's.

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