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Russia captures Roseau: the devs have to act aggressively to deal with the population balance

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2 hours ago, Chromey said:

Do you WANT another reset comrade???


@ despe

if the devs dont do something to help balance this game then it WILL DIE.


no no reset, more and easy just change the Goals which earn you victory! if hunting newbies dont get you any goodies you will not


if attacking weak small nations, and dont get big goodies youll not




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The more I read all the nice ideas, the more I think it shouldn´t be regulated at all. Let it balance itself and give the possibility to develope all ports to 55 points.

Empires rise and fall. Regulations might cause undesired side-effects.

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On 10/17/2019 at 9:17 AM, Despe said:

yes, but if u have limits in crew when you join in powerful factions you have less interest to do it, so probably the new player will prefer one weak faction. Is for that i think that this sistem proposed by admin it will be not effective. I insist, imho while RvR with actual rules exists, game is unbalaceable.

What you actually typed is what the ADMIN and I are trying to preach Despe! It just seems to me that almost every russian captain wants this rule to never be implemented while almost every other nation wants it put in!

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