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[QoL] Remember the ordering of Chat Tabs

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The game never remembers my preferred ordering of chat tabs. 


This is how I like it.

You may like it differently.

There should be a way to SAVE the ordering.

Simple quality of life change. 

EDIT: I intended to post this in Suggestions... but somehow it got posted in OW Discussion? Must have wrote it out in the wrong tab. Please move it to Suggestions, thank you.

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5 minutes ago, Severus Snape said:

weren't we gonna get a new chat UI?

"new chat ui" 















































Image result for pepelaugh

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"for what was written in between^^  you need a lot of text"... :)


but back to OP.  

not only the chat: 

what about remember your ships knowledge when coming out of fleet ???     same principal

its not only just quality of life ...it is also just basic coding to the former state .

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