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Gathering, Lure enemy and campfire

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Hey guys, got 2 bugs.

  • If i lure the enemy, i stuck sometimes. can look around but cant walk.... I think this only happens when i was sneeking, but not sure. After pressing ESC, TAB and everything else, it worked again. was every time very close because of the lured enemy :D
  • If my tribe gathers autmataclly they take most time 5 arrows, but sometimes 190 or something like that.
  • This is not a bug, but my tribe members often push me into the camp fire... I diede a few times. normaly after fast traveling and saving, if i am in the menu mirco managing something. My tribe members should notbe able to push me, or give a red frame/sounds, somethingthat i recognize i get damage pls. Or simly walk around me


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