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More factions, more dynamics, more war and some love :D

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It would be nice to have more factions... neutral factions like a few settlers who dont kill us from beginning and a few tribes wich dont join you...

but this would need some diplomatie, so they can be friend or enemy. And they dont want to claim the land as long as they are your friends. (We can life in harmony, lil bird🙄)


I think this is hard to implement in the current concept wit the settler, but maybe somebodey has better ideas how this could be done better.

Maybe it would be cool if some AI nativs ans settler have border wars 😈 (this could also be part of the dipomacy system)

Hehe yes i´am Mr. Evil :D

But this would bring more dynamics into the game



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Maybe some kind of parcifistic people on the world map, like native settlements with familys (children and woman, old ppl and a few of warriors)

And also a few of the settlers should be parcifistic, maybe some of the citizens.. or some religious.. I dont know if it makes sense :D

Maybe there are other ways to implement more "life"


I thinks especially the native families would bring a lot of life to the game.



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