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Time/Expansion runs as hell (thought it was fixed)

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Hey guys,

I know this was already topic somewhere but i thought this is fixed.

I playd about 5 min saved the game an recogniced on my savegame its already day 5... (I just walked to the southern campfire)

Okay I was already sceptic. I load my savegame and after 10 more mins the hole map turned red because the expansion rate is so imensive... all at onece.. there was just one message of wood gatherers of the settlers few min before. ( before the settlers where just in 3 or 4 regions i think at Mamati)

Also it is already day 7, i walked to the norther campfire in the same night and back..


I dont know should i delete this savegame again? Is time calculaion or expansion rate broke? Or is everything fine and it should be just like this? I am scared it will be to harrd if it is bugged

I started a lot of new games because of this.. donoh kind of frustrating.

ah btw i took the easy start



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