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Fisherman paint for more ships please. Especially for the Christian and Ingermanland. (Inger desperately needs more paints)

On the Christian, I am imagining similar to the Molsted paint, with a wide green stripe on top, narrow yellow stripe underneath, and then a dark bottom. 



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From what I see and heard we're still missing a Sangre Connie/United States.
The Super Frigate form the movie Master and Commander has such a "Sangre" paint scheme.

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For the redoutable, wasa, implacable, buccentaure, (Agga ?):



Also the middle lineship black with red line for the same ship i said, maybe Christian + Pavel & Ocean too.


Kind of same here :


Also this paint scheme For the redoutable, implacable, buccentaure. ( thin black middle strip )




Please ^^

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pirate  frigate ^^

needs some love too 


pirate frigate with this colors is very deceptive

especially if the yacht would have the same colors too..

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Devs should add a paint editor and allow players to make their own color combos. Some of the crazy colors can be excluded (to protect my eyes).

Also a similar feature for sails would be nice, maybe also allow clan logos on sails. 

Also add a "remove skins" option for players who just want to see vanilla ships and keep their virgin historical eyes safe.

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