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Far north area

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Please do something to make navigating the far north area easier. Its taking me over an hour of trying to figure my way thru impossible mazes of mountainsĀ to get to the camps that are out there. Plus, since i have to traverse over massive mountains, i've gotta go the entire way on foot as my horse will never survive this. All in all, this area is a very unenjoyable experience. Please put some passageways thru the mountains or give us some better way of getting around in the far north. Its pretty ridiculous at how hard it is to get to the next enemy camp simply because there are endless mountains and no way around them. Spending 2 to 3 hours trying to figure out how to get thru the maze of mountains to take out ONE CAMP should not be in this gameĀ 

If you're not able to create passageways thru the northern region mountains, then please remove the enemy camps and quick travel points from this area of the map. If we cant get around out here, dont give us a reason to try. Just remove all areas that would temp us into the north. Cause seriously, this is totally ridiculous. I should not need to spend an entire afternoon trying to figure out how to get around a couple of stupid mountains

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