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POLL - How do you feel about an AI aggression?

How do you feel about AI aggression?  

184 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like the idea of AI being aggressive and tag you in the OW?

    • Yes, I do like that idea (whatever the consequences or complications let's make it work or I'm willing to test this feature)
    • No, I don't like this idea (I think it's a mistake, bad idea in general and I'm not happy about it)

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I'd be ok with Aggressive Ai if it were not Ai that just chase any player of any other nation around. I'd like it better if aggressive AI meant Ai that would send fleets to flip ports and raise hostility and initiate port battles.  and that aggressive AI were as rare as skull AI. 

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I am for OW aggression (At least in Pve). If you don't have it who is your threat ? Imagine a war where your enemy can't attack you and you only fight battles you know you can win.

That said it has to be done in a reasonable way. You cannot have AI chasing you half way around the world either. I think a timer where if the AI cannot engage you within a certain time limit then it stops chasing you. Since (I believe) we are talking about PVE server only why not give the player a slider to set the time limit themselves ?

For people who do not want OW aggression move the slider to zero. Those that do set their own time limit.

Since players do not fight each other in PVE this should not affect the gameplay of other players.

What I'm thinking is AI tags you. (You are notified or not ? ). The AI can only tag one player at a time. It chases you for the allotted period (Zero to whatever  you have set seconds/minutes). If it is unable to engage it reverts to it's original course.

Since we are not playing against each other I think this would work.


As for Pvp, I don't play Pvp so all  I'll say is Star citizen combines Pvp and Aggressive AI and I don't see too many complaints - some perhaps but not many.




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I think NPC can be active around non-capturable ports, to help new players.

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On 7/19/2019 at 2:22 AM, Celtiberofrog said:

The point is,

Some players has got hundreds of hours to spend per month in NA,

these players are "competitive" players, their dedication allow them to collect a lot of stuff (cofer, modules, etc...)

While "casual" players, affording much lower dedication, have a very long way before getting "interesting" rewards and have good combat training.

These agressive AI's feature might enable casual players to humbly keep up with "competitive" players acumulation.

Why not ?

It's a good idea, so casual players may be able in 1 hour or two, to have good & fruitful time and climb ranks easier.

As long as "aggresive AI's" zones are well indicated in the map with visible circles.

I disagree. I'm a casual player and I think it will just waste the time I do have. If I want to go fight AI, I can hunt them in the open world, it is not hard to do. The real issue is finding the ones you want to fight, but I think increasing the number of AI slightly and giving them better routes would solve that.

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