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This Land Is My Land: roadmap

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Hello Everyone,

Due to a popular request, we have prepared a tentative project roadmap for This Land Is My Land. You can always find this in the #roadmap channel in our official Discord server (https://discord.gg/thislandismyland).

Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/nQIgEYah

Please, keep in mind that our goal is to provide as many features and fixes as possible promptly. However, due to the nature of software development and being a small team, there can be various technical issues, bugs, and unpredictable scenarios that might force us to delay features, patches, and content. We hope that you will always keep this in mind when observing the progress of the roadmap.

The roadmap is what we have currently planned for the game but not necessarily everything. We will add more as time goes. We will be aiming to implement these features and update the Trello board regularly so that you can follow the progress made. Be sure to check back occasionally to track the progress.

There are smaller content details and features that are not included in the roadmap and will still make it into the game. There are also contents that we did not announce yet which we will as the game development progresses.

Thank you for the continued support everyone!

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