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liberating zones ... working as intended?

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i've been puzzled with this for a while. please look at this map:


as you can see there seem to be 3 zones (Powaga, Nutiwax and Wycotaw) that are not yet liberated. 

now here is a combination of screenshots covering the whole area without "fow", showing that there are no icons of settlements left to clear. also note that there are no boundary lines (?) between any of those three:


i wonder if these kind of missions are somehow related to this?


can this be the case? are these missions mandatory and will failing or skipping them render those zones impossible to liberate forever? or do i have just a broken map?

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update: i just managed to liberate Wycotaw. must have been either a roaming patrol i killed or a tribe that joined me (after using karma skill).

will try again on the other surrounding zones.

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Hi, this “abadon” zones are created after local clan is wipe out. You can however set a new settlement (20wood,10ropes) there and this zone will be yours.

That said, i use this dead zones as “buffer” because enemy dont like to settle there too much...

its just a proper “no man land”

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