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JACKS (Pirate) recruitment PVP server

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JACKS is a pirate clan looking for new and veteran players alike who are interested in a chill relax environment focused on enjoying all aspects of Naval Action. If QUALITY over QUANTITY of members is a theme you believe in, If you are looking for a non elitist non judgmental and helpful clan we are your haven! Being a member of our clan has many more benefits such as:


  • Owner of Pitt’s Town
    Dedicated shipwrights with port bonuses. 
  • Discord server/Comms
  • Organized PVP roams
  • Organized PVE roams/missions
  • Working with allied pirate clans for nation building activities/port defenses etc. 
  • help for new players both mentoring and assisting with getting started!
  • SHIP REPLACEMENT PROGRAM - (SRP) for ships lost in sanction clan combat for hostilities and PB. That’s right we PAY YOU to lose ships!  


Please contact the following pirates in game by PM or Mail if you are interested in joining!!  You may also feel free to message me here and I will respond asap! 


Blackcloud - Admiral

topher bing - vice admiral

hefestus - vice admiral 




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BUMP! JACKS is full of good peeps. They are always helpful with their members and other pirates. The only times I've not seen a JACKS member answer a call for help is when they're not online or already busy helping elsewhere.

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