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USS Essex (American Frigate with plans)

Ned Loe

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USS Essex


The USS Essex, a thirty-two-gun frigate built in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1799, was not the most glorious vessel in the history of the American navy, yet she was unique. Sailors throughout the world remarked on her speed and beauty of line, and the list of men who commanded her—Edward Preble, William Bainbridge, James Barron, and David Porter—reads like a who's who of the early American navy. She was the first U.S. warship to round the Cape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean. Thirteen years later, she became the first American man-of-war to round the Horn into the Pacific, where her crew fought and lost one of the bloodiest sea battles in U.S. history.








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I would like to know what the color scheme was for the masthead figure on the Essex. There seems to be some discrepancies between an all over single color of gold leaf to an individually painted cape, headdress, and other accoutrements associated with the American Indian lioness. Any ideas? 

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I started carving ships after my retirement and found this site while looking for information on the 1st Essex, ( I served on the USS Essex CVS9). The drawings you show have Item numbers, do they have a corresponding "Bill of Material"? Are they drawn to a scale or do they have dimensions? I would be interested in buying a set if that is possible? If you cannot help me, do you know of a place that that sells scaled drawings of "Period Ships"?

Thank you,

JIm Maguire

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