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Some Suggestions to OW Map Change

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I'm a US player and I've noticed some areas along the coast that could be improved to provide more accuracy and better game play. The Indian River is a briny lagoon that connects to the Atlantic at the south near San Sebastian and north near Cabo Canaveral. Having this accessible to only smaller ships would provide an alternative to hiking up the east coast the entire way; providing both some safety to traders as well as an interesting gank opportunity for raiders.

Also, as far as I am aware lake Okeechobee (middle of Florida) was historically accessible from both sides of Florida, and adding a small waterway from Biscayne into the lake could create an interesting shortcut/choke-point. I feel like the OW needs as many choke-points/shortcuts as possible to increase opportunities for PvP.

I'm sure there are many more examples through the OW; maybe other players from around the world could make suggestions that would enhance game play. Actual accuracy isn't really the most important aspect in my opinion.

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