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Don’t let attacks on AI start patrol zone battles.

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One thing I found out this weekend is that damage done on AI in patrol zones count towards the patrol zone event.  In my opinion, this should not be the case as the patrol zone is meant for Player vs Player. During the Nassau patrol, I took a basic cutter out, hit an AI snow and all the damage I did counted towards the event.  In AI battles, I got enough damage to get three of those marks, whatever they are called. If a player attacks an AI in the patrol zone, it should not start a patrol zone battle. 


On another topic, I’d love to see the ability to flee patrol zone battles as well. 

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personally, I think that being able to get damage points from AI is good - it means a player can still participate in the activity when no other player decides to go.

what if we limited the damage points from AI? maybe a 50% reduction?

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11 hours ago, Anne Wildcat said:

Still hit AI for nothing else but not get points for the damage.

Personally, I prefer to hunt but thought to give patrol zones a try. 

there is still the issue with timezones, playernumbers etc.


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I see no reason to exclude AI damage from PvP zone damage... it’s still a risky endeavor and makes it so players can participate at low population times.

Basic cutters should absolutely be excluded from tagging or joining in the zone.

And finally, PvP zone battles should be given positional join circles instead of two circles, and/or be moved farther away from land so that join circles can not be placed on land intentionally, etc.

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i like the idea of having Ai damage count towards CMs.  CMs can be tough to come by especially for folks who may not be the best PVPers.   If folks want to dabble in the water with a store bought ship with mediums, one can go in the patrol zone and at least get 3 CMs fairly easily.   

In the end, one will eventually end up having PVPing even if they are not a PvPer, so there is really no place to hide.

And with low population as some have said, not sure if folks would want to be sailing around for 30 mins or more just to find a human to fight, if Ai did not give CMs damage. 

And lastly, there is the strictly PvP middle circle for those who want to just PVP in the patrol zone.  So a good balance for all. 




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