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Useful Information [READ FIRST before you post please!]

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frequent occuring problems and their fixes

and some other useful information



I did not yet get the steamcode via e-mail. What shall I do?


Help: Missing Steam key. Normally keys are sent every friday. (atm now they try to send keys each day) If you did not receive a key by that time write an e-mail to support@navalaction.com.


You also have to activate your gamecode on steam. Follow the description here



I bought two copies. What happens to them?


Since the email is unlinked to your steam account you can use the steamkey included with every account you like. That means you can give it to a friend, too.



What graphic card requirements does Naval action have?


Video card: Game requires a video card with full DX11 and Shader Model 5 support with at least 1GB of video memory.
nVidia gtx 460 and higher or AMD Radeon HD 6450 and higher are required.
nVidia gtx 660 and higher or AMD Radeon R9 270 and higher are recommended.
Intel GPU is supported from Intel Iris 5200 and higher but not recommended due low visual quality and performance.



So how can you see if your video card will run the game?

1. google your video card specifications, for example "gtx 580 specifications"
2. in the list of supported technologies should be "DirectX 11 compatible". And "shader model 5" support.

Wikipedia often gives good reference for this.



I get  server status - "connection error". What can I do to fix it?


The servers are most likely down for maintenance. -> Server status updates

Check out here if you still have issues.



I got the message "The proper libraries could not be loaded. Please make sure you have installed Microsoft visual C++ redistributed 2013 (x86)"


You need to install a version of visual C++. You can download it here (select "vcredist_x86.exe"). Install the program, reboot your PC, and the game should run fine.



My rudder is stuck. How can I fix this bug?


This thread is dedicated for this very problem:

reset input controls



I can not put gun X on my ship. Why is that so?


The cannons are shared between all of your ships and limited numbers. Thus you need to unload the cannontype you want to use from one of your older ships.

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