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Aggressive NPC enemies on PvE peace server

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Earlier this year, devs announced aggressive NPC would come to the game, including PvE Peace Server. Then the idea got canceled. Lately we hear admin mention "limited aggression" would come, in context with protecting noobs (assumedly in home waters at the capital).


I welcome aggressive NPC anywhere, considered they estimate when they have a chance and if positive, decide to hunt players. But I know part of the PvE Peace Server community is against aggressive NPC or want to decide themselves, when the battle is happening and when not.

The best solution for this dilemma is an individual decision taken by every player. So, just like in the suggestion I made earlier about the 'consensual duel' thing between players, I think a switch in game settings can solve this.

So players find in their game settings two sliders which let them determine if and by whom they can get attacked NPC-wise (and still, you can combine that with the mentioned other idea about duels, in same interface).

First slider lets you chose:

- I allow no NPC to attack me, ever

- I allow only 7th rates to attack me if they see fit

- I allow 6th - 7th rates to attack me if they see fit

- I allow 5th - 7th ...

- I allow 4th - 7th ...

- I allow 3rd - 7th ...

- I allow 2nd - 7th ...

- I allow all ship rates to attack me if they see fit

Second slider in conjunction with first slider (which gives precondition) lets you chose:

- I allow only single ships attack me

- I allow 1 - 2 ships attack me

- I allow 1 - 3 ships attack me

- I allow groups up to 6 ships attack me

- no restrictions on NPC group size attacking me


The decision to play with NPC aggression being switched on may result in rewards being added to the standard pay-off in case you succeed. Like random mission chests being awarded or for people with all ship rates and all group size aggression being allowed may receive even gold chests as random reward after such battles (not everytime, just a chance you can hope for).

Your slider settings don't prevent you from joining fights other people may have with NPC enemies, they only work for initiation of battle on yourself.

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No. Simply no.

But if this comes, I want to be able to turn off ANY attacks by NPC's, 'cause I don't want to be interrupted by anyone on my trade runs on PVE server, just as now.

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Have been said already by the devs, that it doesn't really belong to the PVE server. 

As long as I'm being given the chance to disable this "feature", as I'm sure plenty of others in the server will do as well, I can be fine with whatever suggestion is given on the matter. Personally I don't want to be bothered at all, I decide the target, first reason why I chose PVE and not PVP. 

Wanting npcs attacking you seems to wanting best of both worlds, a bit of excitement, but eased by the presence of AI instead of human attack forces. I'd say the game has plenty of other things to work on rather than this feature.

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