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Not a single hostile NPC to kill

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5 hours ago, Capitalism said:

You know those ports with the empty symbols on the map? The free and neutral ports? You can establish outposts there and you’ll find plenty of foreign AI opportunities from each of them.

Each one has a different distribution of rated ships so you may have to explore a bit outside the warm safety blanket of your US coast line, away from your precious forts (gasp), but they are out there.

mmmm salt...

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10 hours ago, Hethwill said:

I usually play late EU hours mostly. Rarely play at EU peak except on some weekends. Everything happens still at office hours :D 

But onwards to the subject

RoE 'deficit' regarding attacking AI favours the bold, as i see it.

By attacking equal or higher BR AI your battle will be locked after the initial 2 minutes, if no one joins on your side and raises it of course.

So, as an example, instead of attacking an AI Essex with a Wasa, why not attack the same AI Essex with a equivalent frigate ? A Cherubim ( Frigate ) is a good choice.

So, rule of thumb, don't overpower AI as the battle will be open for the enemy side until the BR equalises or gets over ( if so, then opens to your side ) or until it hits the 20 minutes mark, then it closes for good.

But should give new players the chance to fight ai with bigger ships, without being jumped by raiders. In the beginning it is hard enough to control your own ship and simultaneously fight the enemy. 

This might only happen in the former reinforcement area, but should still happen. Maybe only for players below m+c rank.

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On 8/26/2019 at 2:03 AM, Hethwill said:


But it also has AI of all rates that do actually sail as far as San Augustin. I did shadow one pirate Wasa up the coast and did see AI pirate Surprises, Essex, etc sailing up and down. They were not really hugging the coast though but more off to sea with coastline in the distant haze.

Hethwill- I usually respect your posts but this statement is completely wrong. If you saw a NPC Wasa by St Aug - it was a unicorn for sure- occasionally you see a 3rd rate maybe as far north as Ays- but not Cabo or st augs. You have to sail all the way to Cago biscayno through enemy territory for any larger ships or missions.  I don’t see the harm in letting different rate NPC’s sail the coast. Isn’t more people sailing around in a larger variety of ships a good thing? Maybe the devs shuffle the rates in each territory once in a while?

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7 hours ago, Sparkydog said:

If you saw a NPC Wasa by St Aug - it was a unicorn for sure

Was a player. Not a unicorn. He was sailing up the coast and I was trailing him. At the same time i saw AI sailing around, but not close to the coast but further to the east, with the towns barely in sight, i'd say 20k - 30k.

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