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Couple suggestions, ideas

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- Would be good to pick few followers, companions for roaming, hunting, free gaming.

- Would be good to controll the horse with mouse (like Assassin creed), more convenient.

- Would be good more diverse buildings, camps, forts.

- Would be good more SP for activities. Very hard and slow to develope the skills.

- Would be good the climbing ability, at least to the roofs.

- Would be good the play with fire (literally) and set on fire the white men camps

- Would be good to horse riding in overloaded state. Now can't do this.

- Would be good to use the horse saddlebag (if it is). I'm a collector type guy, and the room is always little :) 

- Would be good to customize the tribe appearance

- Would be good to customize the main character appearance, even perks for unique clothing.

- Scalping! This most important and base thing, collect the scalps for sometnig reward. 

- More indoor place, mines, caves and so on

- Canoe on river


Just a few ideas. I don't know the whole roadmap, so maybe couple of this will be implemented in future releases. I hope so.

Keep up guys, this is a great game with huge potential.





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Yes, I know. I already saw solutions in other games: Works both (keyboard and mouse) and when I click right mouse for aiming, I use the keyboard for turn horse. 

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customization is cool but i can imagine it to be quite costly to implement.

control is fine for me too, and i actually like that the 'backpack' is constrained and you cannot ride your horse while overloaded. poor thing, be sensitive!! :)

but you make some very good suggestions there!

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I'd  like to roam with a bunch of warriors and hunt, infiltrate camp etc...

Horse controls are fine to me,  dont want it the way suggested in the op. As an option it would be ok.

Cannot rate on all, my expereince is less as i had not much time to play,  but i can already agree for saddlebags and tribe customizations and canoes. 

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In the American culture the main character of the village was the sorcerer (the sachem). The village chief was less important than him

He could provide missions and make more alive this (re)conquest ?

Karma would find, with this character related to spirits, a new meaning.

Camps could face different problems; supply that would require us to fish, hunt and collect herbs.
Rivalries/strifes with other tribes to settle in negotiation or by force.
Having to kidnap some AIs, that supposes to be able to load the individual on the horse.

And depending on the result get a bonus / malus to the development of the colony.

( the effective range of the winchester is ridiculous, shorter than some guns in use. ).
With the wheel of the mouse could we scroll the different talents? (spyglass concentration etc) .


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