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The "France under attack" thread was adressed to the healthy portion of the community which i now know represents hopefully the major part of the game population, considering the huge mobilisation we've seen in bridgetown this sunday and the help and supporting messages i get from numerous players (they'll recognize themselves) from ALL nations, and its purpose was only for the sake of the game we all love.
It is really conforting to see that you seek the same thing as we do : having ALL a tremendous game experience and above all good fights and fun, with respect and well-minded spirit.

I've read many answers in the pre-quoted thread where i have seen people claming to be the voice of their nation.

Just to be clear : At this stage, NO ONE can pretend to represent a whole nation considering the present game mechanics, people can only claim to be a representative for a clan or a group of clan as i do for GFR - ANCRE and ER clans inside french nation. Diplomacy can only occure now between clans or group of clans, there's no way to make commitments for a whole nation due to the presence of isolated players, rogue clans or trolls we have inside all nations.

French players don't misread me. We (ANCRE - GFR and ER) will welcome with wide open arms any player or clan (the moment they have a decent number of members, game is definitively not designed for 1 or 2 men clans) sharing our game philosophy.

To me diplomacy could only be achieved via pm or by using vocals apps, but certainly not in global or nation chat, or even this forum.

As the game is launched now, i think NA forum should only be a place to share good game experience, tips and help for newcomers, and suggestion to make small tuning to get an even better game, or other constructive thoughts on any subject. (yes you can call me dreamer ;)

Escadre.org teamspeak will always be opened to any clan or group of clan grown up diplomats from others nations, as long as they are in the same line as ours in term of game experience and mutual respect.
We (pre-quoted french clans) will try the best we can to solve tensions that will surely occured, by encouraging temporary outrageous players (shit can always happen sometimes) to apologize, and if we can't lead them into it, the solution will be even easier : a simple click (in fact a right click / kick) so diplomats and clan leaders won't have to spent the majority of their gameplay time to solve childish behaviours issues.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you'll clearly get my points, i'm not a native english speaker (yes i'm french, nobody's perfect :)

Have FUN all and cya in open sea for epic battles !

PS :Sorry for the heavy form of this thread, but be assured it's certainly the last time i do such a move, i'll try now to take time to enjoy the game and only participate in the forum the way i described above.

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This is national Caribbean news

A Fake clarification.

  and many contradictions 

Fake news 

and yes i am a one man clan (  spokesman . and not even the diplomat of my clan ) i see what you are trying to do 

we saw your real intentions when you were attacked for your acts...do not think it stays unpunished (isn't it not funny when a on man clan says you will be attacked and later on you scream on the forums you want help from every pirate and criminal in the caribbean waters.

i see what you try to do ... we don't fall in your funny little trap. next time our ships will sail to the walls of your forts and blow them from the coast line and bait with it  

you see you showed us the true nature of your empire we do not need your .org diplo channel . we don't talk to enemies. 

you messed with us , and we messed back.


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