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1st feedback and questions

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I just bought it yesterday and spent 2.5 hours in it after finding it on YT. Couldnt play longer,  was already late night 🙂

I also played Naval Action and liked it very much for some time.

This Game hooked me and in my first 2.5 hours i had 2 amazing moments already. 

Snuck up into a Fort,  killed them all and the Leader but then missed one guy with a rifle. It was an intense last fight,  because he really surprised me when i thought i was done. Very immersive.

Make them have awesome voiceovers and shout around. Need not that much or expensive stuff. Think of Chivalry, the taunts made half of the fun playing it for me. For Agathaaa and The Lion Roars. Have the white men scream for the redskins and the redskins their typical battlecall. The immersive scenery needs proper audio especially some voiceovers.


Another Moment was that proud and calm native american on a horse on a hill watching the invaders building up a camp and then go investigate it,  maybe steal something or kill someone silently. Immersive, you made that character look very good and gave him this attitude,  pride,  calm and natural might if you just sit on the back of a horse on a hill overwatching the Land. Great! 

Amazing setting, amazing idea,  i think i will spent a lot of time figuring out all about the game. Or what is available until.

Some questions. 

My Chiefs Name got me +4 Warriors. iirc i started with 6 total. Send them gathering and make some stuff, but some seem not getting back. Were they killed?  Can i track this somehow?

Afaik they only gather within the boarders of your land,  but mine alltime went far away and cross the boarders,  maybe to get sinew and got killed by animals?

Now i miss 3 of them. But anyway i like to figure out more. 

Send 2 Warriors to attack a camp,  but they wont move. 

I once gave someone a bow and arrows to hunt,  but i dont know how to give them more weapons to attack a camp with me.

Am i able to roam with 2 Warriors and set an ambush or just attack the camp?

Not yet figured out how to. Or am i supposed to do all the killing solo? 


Thanks anyway,  good game i'd say and i'm very interested to see it evolve over time.

Maybe i will upgrade to the Founder Edition to support you with mo' money 🙂 

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