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Ulf Kristersson

Can't connect to PvP server, even though I can play on PvE

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When I try to join the PvP server I get the following message after 10 minutes: Connection Error: Connection. Altough sometimes I get the message "authentication error: userid received from steam is empty". My internet connection is good, I have no problem playing more demanding FPS games with my internet and computer. I have been given the solution that I should restart steam, which I have done numerous times and I have also tried re-logging into steam. I have tried restarting my computer a few times. I have inactivated the windows firewall, I have no ports blocked on my computer nor on my router, and there are no limits as to which protocol should be used in the connection. I have also tried clearing the Naval Action folder in regedit, and deleting the folder in AppData\LocalLow\Game-Labs\Naval Actionl. This does not help either. 


I have spent three days trying to join with no result, and I just get told that the problem is on my side. However, I can join the PvE server without any issue at all, but the PvP server doesn't allow me to join. There was no issue playing Naval Action 2 years ago

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