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[SNACH] Scalawags Naval & Charter Haus - Pirate PvP/RvR Squadron

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Beware the rise of the blood moon


Scalawags Naval & Charter Haus

We are the scourge of the sea always looking to expand our international navy of scalawags who are not afraid to shed some blood upon the decks of our enemies. Our focus is PvP/RvR and are part of the all-call rats ready to join any battle anywhere. We also dabble in econ and have a few blacksmiths and shipwrights ready to build armed fleets for our squad and others.

Simple requirements:

  1. Participation - Be ready for the call to arms. Be willing to help fill the warehouse with reals, doubloons, resources, and materials for our blacksmiths and shipwrights. Be willing to participate in the grind helping everyone to rank and gain ship knowledge. Be willing to help build our ports. Be willing to use your labor hours for materials.
  2. Communication - Once in clan we need you in TS as often as possible, even if it is only to listen. We are primarily English speakers with a couple French-Canadien.
  3. Maturity - Be an adult. Be courteous to all, even our enemies. Be confident. Be courageous. Be ruthless.
  4. Pixel Fodder - Remember this is just a game. Don't be afraid to lose a ship or few, for they can be replaced if everyone does their part.

OG Founders:

  • Big Balls Buck - Squadron Commander, Ball-dragger extraordinaire, Hunter of the big buck - USA TZ
  • Nek Von Kraak - Diplomat - CAN TZ
  • Yonar YawWalker - Diplomat - CAN TZ
  • Dread TakeFam - Diplomat - USA TZ
  • Poonhound - Officer - USA TZ
  • Farrago - Officer - USA TZ
  • Rhumb - Officer - AUS TZ
  • Vinnierial - Officer - USA TZ
  • van der Clam - Officer - USA TZ
  • Onbekende - Officer - USA TZ


  • billy bowlegs - Officer - USA TZ
  • Captain Grundal - Officer - CAN TZ
  • Egregious Twat - Officer - AUS TZ
  • Harley Davison - Member - USA TZ
  • John Jean - Member - CAN TZ
  • Mishmash - Member - USA TZ
  • One Eye One Horn - Member - USA TZ
  • Purple People Eater - Member - USA TZ
  • Speedy Gonzales - Member - USA TZ

Be not afraid to shed some blood and join the SNACH squadron!

Edited by van der Clam
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