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Dancing Bear

I've made a terrible mistake buying the Premium Edition. . .

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16 hours ago, Dancing Bear said:

. . . because I wish I had bought the Founders Edition!


Is there any way to fix that?

Yes, as @Da Hool already mentioned, please contact Xsolla live chat support at help.xsolla.com and they will help you to upgrade the account.

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Question about this. 

I maybe also want to upgrade my pledge and curious of what the special bow is. 

Only cosmetics?  A wooden, Hunter or Warbow. 

Already ingame or done when the game gets on Steam EA or when it is released?  

Dont get me wrong Naval Action is still in EA.

I maybe do support the Team anyway,  but would appreciate some Info or maybe a picture of the bow.

Thank you in advance.


Chief Che Whuahua 

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also ... yeah, man, fund the game :)

this is single player, and the core design has already been laid out and it's good, so i don't think it will go through the 'design by committee' process NA had to endure. 

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