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"D. FERNANDO II E GLÓRIA" (Portuguese 5th rate, 50 guns with plans)

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Frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória"


This ship has an awkward story, it was ordered in 1821 but because of financial reasons it was only built in 1843 in the Royal Portuguese Arsenal in Daman, Portuguese India.

Was in service from 1845 until 1940, year that she "half sunk" from an onboard fire.

In 1990 was restored from its old wreck and turned into a museum.

She didn't saw any battles unfortunatly, most of its orders where to transport troops to the colonies.



Gun deck - 28 guns (18 pounder, long gun)


Deck - 20 guns (32 pounder, carronade)


Forecastle - 2 guns (12 pounder, bow chasers)



Lenght 87 m

Beam 13 m

Draught 6.4  m

Displacement 1849 tons

Between 154 to 379 men (270 passengers)










More pics:







More info:


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Fairly well out of time frame... 


That's the thing... The ship was ordered in 1821. So teoricaly it is IN the time frame. :P


Fairly well out of time frame... Was the Portuguese navy in existence during the nappy wars?


:o It was. Portugal supplied england with a bunch of ships-of-the-line to fight the french. 

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That's the thing... The ship was ordered in 1821. So teoricaly it is IN the time frame. :P


I'm pretty sure that the ship had to be completed during the time frame, not just ordered. If that were the case we could get the 140 gun USS Pennsylvania that was authorized in 1816 but not built until 1837.



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Is it just me or did the beak heads become horribly ugly the further you got into the 19th century? 

one of the reason why i like the older ships more.

after 1810 they moved from prestige objects and pride of nation to simple tools.

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