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Dear devs, since the game is heavily based on clans and clan activities, would it be possible to create clan docks where the clans’ shipbuilders could just store ships and members could use them much like the clan warehouse where the officers and above rankings are the only ones with the ability to do it. 

I think it’s a win win feature that everybody would like.

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Has been suggested several times, a quality of life feature, unfortunately no progress...

One of the suggestion by me, look at the up votes !



What about additional clan warehouse :) 


When I buy this game from gamelabs, game will be great do not worry :):) 

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i always thought , that 1 slot in a clan dock per member would work. this is based on every account only getting 1 slot per clan they are in ( one )

already been asked for many times and perhaps there are reasons why , behaves the same way as a clan warehouse ?


what we cant have is every alt getting a clan dockspace with 50 of their own slots  as we have a dlc for that !! : )

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4 hours ago, Zlatkowar said:

Great idea.

It is. I like the idea of clan members being able to donate slots of their own to the clan.

Say I have 20 ship slots, i would donate 5 to the clan docks. I stay with 15, clan gets 5 more.

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