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Spawn new characters in the nations highest rated port. Not shroud cay.

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Spawning in shroud cay can be a huge turnoff for a newbie who starts as Prussia or russia when they suddenly need to sail 3 hours in a basic cutter to reach their nations capital.

I think a lot of pain could be saved if newbs were spawned directly into a nations capital even if they only have one backwater port somewhere.

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Only thing hardcore about those nations, is this sailing I guess. 

Yep spawn them in their capital, call those nations newbie nations. 

Call realistic nations, Britain, Spanish etc. the hardcore nations. As new guys will be attacked in 30 seconds leaving their capital. 

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4 hours ago, z4ys said:

What should a new player kill there and what missions should he take?

Just do the Ttorial first... then take the Basic cutter out and hit Lynxs and trader Lynxs for a bit of cash...  Then you can either sail to your area with a Basic Cutter or build the Rattlesnake you get for the first Exam and gun it and sail that If you have the spare cash also stop at Neutral or Free towns along the way and spend 400 and put and outpost in.. Getting rid of the one behind you... This way if you get killed you spawn there not back at Shroud

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