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I would love to be able to name my ships.  It would be handy to find a specific ship.

Other players don't need to see my names, and I don't want to see the goofy names that some players will choose for their own vessels.

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11 hours ago, Peter von Friedemach said:

Please Devs, give me freedom to give names to my ships - so i can see in my list what kind of ship, which bulidt and so on it is. Helps to find me faster and is a lit more Realism.
But you should be able to rename a ship if u capture ore buy one from another player.

I agree. It doesnt have to be anything from graphical point of view. But you should see it and so in OW people should see it. Thats how ships WERE recognized. 

Click on the ship in OW and it reads something like this

Enemy player, sailing”Jolly Balls”


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