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Allow to access exam without tutorials

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One of exams is called "endurance exam". I find tutorials a much deadlier type of endurance exam. It would be nice to be able to start exams without tutorials if people so choose. 


I know some poor people with 8+ alts. It would be kind to allow them to pass exams without repeating tutorial 8+ times :)

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9 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

There is nothing hardcore about making a veteran player to the sailing tutorial.  Just a waste of time.

I fully agree with you. I'm pretty sure I have seen some valid suggestions regarding the "tutorial" and exams, including splitting them and not having them at the same place, tuning the rewards for each type of activity, having basic exams and advanced exams for SoLs, lots of good ideas to consider...

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Please for hte love of god let us skip the tutorials and go straight to the exams, I've played this game since 2014. I know what convergence is. I know how to use the spyglass. I know a hell of a lot more about manual sails than they teach in that tutorial. I have 0 interest in slogging through an hour of tutorials

If someone can complete the final exam without doing the tutorial that means they don't need the tutorial. I have no alts and this is extremely frustrating even so as I've already completed this tutorial at least 4 times with wipes and two different servers. I know exactly what the game is going to tell me to do before it does it which just makes it more frustrating waiting for it to tell me to do something so I can have it "count" in the tutorial.


Just let me do the final exam and be done with it.

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@admin that is why tutorial and exams should be seperated. Please remove exams from tutorial, and put them under another navy exams/trials etc. section.

I advice you to give few rewards for completing normal tutorial, navy brig etc. and few repairs. Make rewards visible before taking tutorial and exams, my best regards, I know you are around :)

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14 hours ago, Eyesore said:

oh yes, lets feel sorry for everybody that have to level (some) alts ...

Maybe provide them with some extra's because of all that extra work they have to do

I get your thinking. After all alts are probably a sizeable part of server population, and large part of paying players.

You're a bit extreme on extras though, in my opinion QoL improvements for alts (and other users) is good enough.

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