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few suggestions

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Make the last 2 tiered bows last longer vs AI. seems atm they only last long vs animals but break a few shots in vs AI.

Allow the game to run tabbed out? seems to pause when tabbing out maybe as a option?

Make Heavy/medium/toxin arrows maybe give 10 instead of 5 for the increased cost? seems rather insanely grindy to get just few arrows  or reduce the cost of wood/sin to 5 not 10? since they  need a rare animal part. only seems fair instead of double the cost on top of a new mat.

Maybe a option to re-use the settlements you knock-out maybe setting up camp in say forts give to  say  have  a benefit. clearly they do if you were to settle in one it would make taking forts somewhat strategic.

Add woodcutting to the game. im assuming this is planned but being able to mine/cut trees would be huge for resources being able to  steal the axes you find in-game maybe and give them to a camp to harvest wood faster or mine resources maybe a way to add smithing.





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I would add also:

- able to give orders to your tribe members how to act. (be aggressive, defensive, follow only the order, stealth, etc.)

I gave the order to one member to fill up another camp and could follow his movement on the map. Since the camp was close to a fort he stopped and turned towards the fort to attack it, instead of continue his task. The other tribe members who were close in the camp and didn`t have any orders, immediately chased to the fort and got also killed, so I had to wipe out a whole fort by myself and pick up all the weapons again which they lost.

I mean natives were awesome scouts/hunters, so why the should act like fools and run immediately into direct confrontation like suicide bombers. 

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