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Pre-Release Server Status Information

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Hello Captains War server (pvp) will be stopped tomorrow - Tuesday 11th of June somewhere after maintenance for the installation of the release patch and pre-release testing (additional infrastr

Not pushing unfinished under cooked features into the live game is not evil. Skins are under way

15 minutes ago, Tac said:

The raid on Medway never happened it was fake news spread by the DAS clan.

*Cough* Oh look the 7 Provinciën near Chatham and look at the bonfire a little bit upstream :D

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Pardon the rudeness, but information has been a bit vague the past couple months.  Any word on...

Raids, PB bonus adjustments, final port battle BR, Alliance mechanic, 50 or so paints we were promised 30 days after painter DLC...+ quite a few other things. 



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49 minutes ago, admin said:
  • Edict of Milan
  • Munich was founded
  • Battle of Naseby
  • Raid on Medway 
  • Declaration of California republic
  • Creation of the United states continental army
  • Star and stripes flag adopted
  • First Oxford Regatta
  • Battle of Villers Bocage
  • First monkey rides a V-2 rocket into space
  • Some famous people were born on the 13-14th of June: including Skarsgard, Alzheimer, Che Guevara and Donald Trump

My birthday also!


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1 hour ago, Vernon Merrill said:

Strange since they are based in that area, huh??


Well, ahem, it was a response to someone stating that the 14th came on a Friday.  I was merely trying to correct their obviously flawed logic because Kiev is about 7 hours before the US East coast.   Yeah, then it dawned on me that timezones don't change the date a day falls on.  It's Monday.

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Just now, H982 FKL said:

I still must say, I am VERY nervous about the state of the game in terms of balance and the economy (or lack thereof) and am still very surprised that you consider the game to be complete

I seriously doubt they do, but you have to make do with the time windows you have. EA no longer benefits NA we need the release population more than anything. It's never too late for a game like NA there will always be people interested. It's not the best release but it's far from the worst.

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