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Ned Loe

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I am big fan of naval art and in particular Geoff Hunt and Robert Taylor. I am also very fond of David Bell who is a lesser known artist but over the past few years has been painting for Bucklers Hard and has a beautiful book called a nautical odyssey. This book contains many stunning watercolours from the 'nelson age' and I am lucky to own an orginal from the book depicting the Golden Hinde. I am also the proud owner of a another original D Bell watercolour depicting a small fictional frigate action between a Royal Navy and French Navy Frigate. This particular painting was commissioned by the author Martin McDowell to be used on the front cover of his novel titled 'A Question of Duty". I would highly recommend this book. I bought this painting because I have a particular interest in small actions between non-rated ships or sixth rates.

Here is a poor quality picture of the painting titled 'a question of duty'. (Apologies for the reflections in the glass!)


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A polacre flying the Greek-Ottoman flag by Antoine Roux






The San Nicolo,a 400ton polacre seen drying out her sails.The painting from life by Antoine Roux was reproduced much later,as was often the case,by his son Francois.In 1882, just before his death,Francois painted a large water-colour of the same ship which is now the property of the Musee de la Marine in the Palais de Chaillot,Paris.These lean and graceful ships were solely used as grain transports between the Black Sea ports and Marseilles.Usually manned by expert crews,they were capable of quite high speeds.The San Nicolo is shown moored by the Island of Pomegue off Marseilles,at a time when quarantine restrictions were responsible for a small fleet anchored there.The crew has taken the advantage of a quiet spell to hang out their laundry.





Dated 1796,this picture shows a xebec bearing the Greek-Ottoman flag at anchor.The mixed rig of lateen and square rigs appears to indicate a period of transition.The crew have rigged sails as awnings to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.





A small brig, doubtless of Ottoman-Greek origin, is here shown high and dry ready to undergo refitting. Her hybrid design is readily noticeable in this painting of 1796.

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