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Ship paintings (Art collection)

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Ship paintings


Lets start a nice collection of beautiful ship paintings. Post artist or painting name if you know it.




Willem van de Velde the Elder







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2lnbej7.jpgcaption: Brigantin donnant chasse a une Felouque et prest a la border. (Just to show you guys what a 13th century Brigantine looked like).

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I have a signed, numbered print of Geoff Hunt's "Frigate Squadron Cleared for Night Action" aka "The Hundred Days" over my mantle.   

(Now you know why I like this game.)



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Thomas Buttersworth Senior

This painting depicts the battered combined fleets of the French and Spanish post the Battle of Trafalgar, making for the safety of Cadiz harbour in spain, with only ten of the original combined fleet of thirty-three ships remaining. These ships comprised the French ships Pluton, Heros, Algeciras, Neptune and Argonaute, and the Spanish vessels Principe de Asturias, Santa Ana, San Leandro, San Justo and Montanes.



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I'll start with a recent one by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau "The last battle of the Glorioso"



Another from the same series



San Vicente Cape, Feb. 14th, 1797. Spanish Marine Infantry Grenadier Martín Álvarez protects the Spanish Flag flown by the ship San Nicolás de Bari. After succesfully protecting the flag from the British boarders, he was injured and Nelson himself ordered him to be taken to the Portuguese Algarve to get medical treatment.



"Hunting at dawn". 1805, a Spanish schooner is being pursued by two British frigates.


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Please fill this thread up with high-res goodness. I adore these paintings but can never find good ones online.


Also, I hope we get sail and rig damage models like in the first image.

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Het opbrengen van het Engelse Admiraalschip de Royal-Charles. The Royal Charles being brought in after capture.  Jeronymus van Diest II




The Loss of the Royal-George. John Christian Schetky




The Dutch burn English ships during the expedition to Chatham Raid on Medway -1667. Jan van Leyden -1669




Battle of Texel - August 21st 1673. Slag bij Kijkduin. (The nightly battle between Cornelis Tromp and Edward Spragg. Willem van de Velde II - 1707




Dutch Man of War The Eendracht (Unity) and her Fleet. Unknown. (to me)




The battle of Scheveningen - Slag bij Terheijde. Jan Abrahamsz




The warship Brielle on the river Maas before Rotterdam. Unknown. 




De Windstoot. The Gust. Unknown. 

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