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Ahoy Captains,

The anticipation is nearly killing me. In a fit of anticipatory angst I ran up on deck and threw myself over the rail. Seadog Wade jumped in after me and drug me back on board. After depositing me on my quarterdeck he told me to SIT and Stay or he would have me confined to my cabin.Insolent dog! 37kg (80lbs), "DON'T argue with my teeth and all will be well Capt."

I'll have words with that dog after I've recovered from taking in all this water. *Falls over....Plop*

(Petty Officer Wade) "Don't worry. I'll lick and revive him later so he can watch the fireworks. You will have fireworks won't you?"

I think Master says, "Fair sailing.", or something like that. I say "WOOF, make it so."   

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Captains, Admin and Devs,

Onboard my Pickle, Kidd's Harbour. Waiting........waiting........waiting. My awesome Seadog Wade is guarding me, he thinks I'll do something stupid. He made me SIT on the doghouse forward of the pumps and told me to STAY. Oh, the ignominity of it all, being told what to do by a dog.

I sit and wait.......Petty Officer Wade brings me tea, tea mind you! Says I can't have any rum till the deed is done. So I sit and wait, guarded by those teeth that could rip a mans arm off if he wanted to. "Don't test me Master. A couple of months and I've had you for 2 years and I don't want to go back to being a feral dog. So you just STAY put. That's what you tell me all the time."

So I sit, drink my tea and wait...........See you all on the other side.

Drat dog let me be! I promise I'll not do anything stupid!!!

Fair sailing all from Petty Officer 2nd Class Wade *guarding* and a quiet Captain Ed.

Then I get some rum. Please Mr. Wade, I want some rum.......Wait Master, wait.

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Revision 47717.CleanOWProd.x64 -- stuck in me brain

no ping time on the 11th

then pings on the 12th

back to no pings on the 13th ... taking that as a sign ..  going to start up soon now .. yep .. anytime now ..

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4 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

LOL, Paladin has been hunting me since I sunk his Pandora...but c'mon, that's what Pandoras are for!

My old mentor Paladin is, hurt him.....I cannot...

Edited by Ed Rose

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