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Fresh Start – Wipe information for War and Peace servers.

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4 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

LOL, Paladin has been hunting me since I sunk his Pandora...but c'mon, that's what Pandoras are for!

My old mentor Paladin is, hurt him.....I cannot...

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Captains Here is the final information on the player accounts on the launch of the game. Estimated launch week - 10-14th June War server:  Full reset:  Everyone starts fresh from c

Captains, the release window is this week. We are going to post more info tonight

Two weeks to release! It seems too good to be true! So after almost 4 years of development have we reached the end? Why am I talking about the "end" and not the "beginning"? I will try to explai

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28 minutes ago, Liq said:

please don't release within the next 1.5 hours yes? :) need to go to the gym.. hehe

Please dont release game within the next 9 hours.  I have late shift 

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