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My suggestion is to add some depth/specialization to the shipbuilders/shipyards in the game.  Currently any T3 shipyard can build any ship.  What I'm proposing is to have these specialized.  As the builders/yards are set up require the player to specialize in a particular style of ships.  French ships, British, Spanish, American and Baltic (Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Prussian, Russian).   This makes it so that while this puts more effort into getting these ships, 1 person cant just pump out L'Oceans and Aggys for everyone, since one is French and the other British.  The rigging and perks I don't have an opinion on, that's after market if you think about it.  

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No time to test this, and how would a "joe" player know which Ships belong to which Nation (according to the Devs) ?

If you want Specialization, make it so a Level 1 Shipyard only Produces 6ths and 7ths; a Level 2 only Produces 4ths and 5ths; and a Level 3 only Produces SOLs.  This, however, would force ALL Crafters to buy the "Extra Buildings" (Admiralty Connections?) DLC ...

The idea seems to be a non-starter.

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How so? 90% of the players know some things about the history of this time period. I didn't say it had to be now, release of a game doesn't mean "all stop development!" It's something that they could enforce later or something. I'm just coming up with ideas, they don't have to shove it through. 

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