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Doug Maoz

Change default ship build away from Fir-Crew Space before launch

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Hi admin, all!

I am returning after a year for release, and this is one change that I would have liked to see implemented in that time. Currently when you go to craft or redeem a ship, the default option is always Fir-Crew Space; this is probably due to alphabetical order, but it needs to change.

Any experienced player knows that there is pretty much no reason to build a Fir-Crew Space ship; it's not particularly good at anything, and it's very weak. However new players definitely do not know this, and just redeem or craft the default build. I see way too many vessels crafted and redeemed in this way, and nobody wants them. When new players buy a ship DLC, redeem it in game with Fir-Crew Space, then go try it out in combat, they will think their $$$-bought ship sucks simply because of the build.

I have a few ideas for default settings:

  • Fir-Fir (good for traders, common wood)
  • Oak-Oak (decent for fighting ships, common wood)
  • Teak-White Oak (good all-rounder build, this would benefit redeemables a lot)
  • Live Oak-White Oak (go full heavy, at least new players will have tanky ships)
  • We could get really fancy, and have all built traders default to Fir-Fir, all built warships default to Oak-Oak, and all redeemables default to Teak-White Oak, which most people are probably doing anyways.

Just my 2 doubloons, I think this would be a good QoL fix as well as a help for new players trying to craft or redeem ships.

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If the default builds are suppose to be Oak/Oak or Oak/Crew Space than I think that is what it should be set to and I think that is what most things need to be balanced off of.   Though honestly how hard is it to just change the wood to what you want?  If your getting to click happy might be a good advice to slow down...?

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I have a more elegant solution then both of you:

Next Wood Choice = Last Wood Choice Used. 

There's a variety of scenarios where you need to quickly create a set of ships to equip yourself and friends.

I agree that all DLC ships should default to Lo/Wo unless manually changed, that is the safest option for new players.

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