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Grapple Offence/Defense

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Never understood why we are able to grapple another ship with 100% success every time when ship speed is satisfied. Why there is no chance system? ex. When the ship has 100% sail HP you get a 50/50 chance to grapple at 0 knots and if you fail a try you have to wait another minute and get pounded with cannon balls. If the ship has no sail HP then you have 100% chance to grapple. Now with mods, these numbers can be slightly increased or decreased. Right now we are having a fictional grappling action based on 1 hook at a set speed that will stop the ship and engage boarding. Is everyone ok with that? 


Why not add more mods that would increase or decrease a grapple chance and give the player an opportunity to try last time to fight back.  Why wouldn't you be able to cut grappling hooks and ropes and knock boarding ladders overboard? That would be a (crew training Mod for defense). Same with the offense mod, for example, Xebecs would be perfect boarding boats as they should be, but with boarding defense, you can delay the boarding sail away and cause damage to them. Every failed grappling try sets a 1-minute timer before another try. This is huge for pvp. 

Right now we Tbone, slow down ships and board. This is what you call a realistic game? Please make a change... Thanks. 



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Simply a genius idea. I completely forgot that there's 100% accuracy for grapple, it's also instant pull. What an overlook, there certainly could be more to grappling then press g once and done.

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