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Fake building upgrades

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the issue:  with building upgrades and the attached labor hours from the player, and the labor hours attached to the building.


. at this moment we have labor hours attached to the player.

. also when having the DLC you can have more buildings and your capacity is increased to get stuff from a building.

.we have 10 buildings to build.


when you play every day you get approximately 2000 labor hours a day (play cycle)

but when you want to collect one building you will see that your building has gathered more goods than you can take out of

you also mostly used the function UPGRADE (what means your grind will become bigger and faster)

what means you have overcapacity in your building. (and this is just one building)

you still have 9 other buildings to go to get the stuff from. 

what also means 9 buildings stopping to build stuff and waiting to get farmed . its all overcapacity you can not farm because of the shortage of labor hours.

but you upgraded your farm's mines and buildings...

what was not upgraded to hold pace with the building upgrade,     are the labor hours...


upgrading buildings farms and mines are a:  
                                     Fake concept.

 >. or when upgrading the farms and mines. the labor hours needs an upgrade to.

>. or the labor hours need to be attached to the building itself.


<> DLC {Admirality} has become actually FAKE as well, in the building section/ , and in that part a rip-off. (overcapacity)


your verdicts, please.

ps. after getting stuff from my mines,..... i did not even get a chance to make cannons or even building me a lynx


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So first things first upgrading building reduces labor hour cost to pull out resources. Secondly Not all buildings use labor hours so without the DLC you can not gather the mats to build a ship and then build the ship. Finally you can use labor contracts for more hours if you have to do more.

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4 hours ago, Gregory Rainsborough said:

Labour contracts should be cheaper, how they used to be. Rather than one, you should get ten.

That would solve this problem.

i would rather get more LH a day for every building like mines or a farm or Woodforest you got for example 1000-1500 LH a day  per building


for the paid LH :

at this moment they seem to cost 2500 doubloons for 500 LH

and it makes no sense to have LH  attached to a captain, instead of the labor force on a farm or tree forest or shipyard... 


i even stop with playing the game because I have to wait for new opportunities ......(this sucks)

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