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Boarding Bug/Exploit/Failure Unknown

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My Indiaman and a Polish Player's Wasa were turned into the wind, speed was 2 kn and I successfully boarded the Wasa. However, with 5 seconds left on the first round, all of a sudden his Wasa raised sails instantly (like they were down and then within 1 second were at full) and accelerated at what looked like 10 kn (from dead stop to 10 kn) to break the boarding. I created a F11, but only minutes after I left the battle, as I was too pissed off to think about it in battle.

How is this possible? I know lag could be sus, but neither of us had any lag and we were absolutely both in boarding, acknowledge even by the enemy. Weirdly enough, he was already prepared ahead of time for what he was going to do, yards turning, rudder turning, and he powered out of irons as though he knew before I did that the boarding was already going to be broken.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Lazy....Determined defenders with slow brains...

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