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Survival in boarding

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If you can turn off survival in boarding now, you should also be able to brace in boarding. Fire which happens in boarding now just equals death with little you can do about it.

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and why not also a button choice to>>  blow yourself up.

but the captain has to have a fuse perk (10 points perk) 

the counter is >  brace. (to reduce damage by 50%) 


there is so much the developers can add to the mini-game

just to have fun:))


captains perk >> he blew up the powder room.


when blown up >> we need bigger explosions (at this moment is look like a fire cracker)


this perk would be the real Determined Defender

not the one we have at the moment


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Survival shouldn't be an option but necessary all the time. The way it has been is a joke for years now and bracing in boarding is just not something that should be an option either. 

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