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UGG MP Mod (Release Date: Near Future)


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Hi JonnyH13.
I discovered this game week ago and I like it very much. I bought it on some sale in GOG for just 2 EUR. I guess I have the most recent version where balance of gameplay is satisfying for me. I am very interested in modding it, it seems it consists of regular unity structure and files. Files of levels are not compressed and encrypted. 

I like small battles. I found in "custom battle" -> multiplayer maps there are two small maps and I would like to have more similar small battles. "Fight for two hills" and "Corner your enemy". It seems it is level8 and level16 files, both 23kB size. In Corner your enemy there are not victory points locations on map so level is even more simple. I guess the AI logic is scripted also in this level, despite there are not victory locations. 

The best possible solution would be if some of the developers would release source code or tool which he used to create this custom battles. 

For sure ability to change parameters of units would be also nice. But it is secondary priority for me, as for now. The balance of units seems playable for me. 

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