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"Panteleymon-Vyctoria" (Russian 3rd rate,66+ Guns ship with plans)

Ned Loe

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Panteleymon Victoria


66 gun ship Panteleymon Victoria

The construction of this ship began on the 22nd of March 1719 in St Petersburg under the direction of well known shipwright Blais Pangalo and she first sailed on the 27th of July 1721. The ship was named in honour of the Gangut (1714) and Grengam (1720) Battle victories. Between 1722 and 1727 the ship was part of the Baltic squadron and was involved in exploration of the gulf of Finland.


































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Why everything that Russian make looks soo good damn badass? That ship looks sick! Like a final boss ship. ;D


Because I don't think they have as good of pre-made plastic model kits like Americans and Japanese have.  They seem to have lots and lots of really perfect and detailed plans for people to make their own models from scratch out of just wood and glue in they have around their house.


All of my best blueprints (and I have a few hundred) are Russian for some reason, which makes me think this.


Downloaded all of that, I might add.



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It's a bit old for the current time period, isn't it?

No it isn't; 1719 is well within the time limit, as far as I know. 


edit: Quoting Brigand here: "1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred." 


So yeah, 1719 is fine. 

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Came across this Russian 3rd rate (probably 4th rate by our current standards) while doing some research into a project.  View link for pictures:


Panteleimon Victoria

Panteleimon Victoria (Drawings)


Not sure if the drawings are copies of plans, figured it's worth looking at.  Love the detail on the model.


Details below:

The history of the ship: 
66 - gun battleship "Panteleimon Victoria" 
The ship was named in honor of Gangut (1714) and Grengamskoy (1720) victories won on the day of St. Panteleimon on 27 July.
It was founded 03.22.1719, in S. -Petersburg Admiralty. Builder Blaise Pangalo.
Launched 07.27.1721, he joined the Russian Baltic Fleet. 
In 1722, 1723 and 1727 as part of units and squadrons was in practice swimming in the Gulf of Finland. 
In 1726 GS squadron was at Kronstadt Raids crew training, but did not go into the sea. 
Since 1728 stood at Kronstadt harbor, not to arm. In 1734 g.pereshel from Kronstadt to Revel.
Collate dilapidation in 1736
Commanders: Vilboa F. (1721), D. Wilster (1723.), KN Zotov (1726), M. Korobin (1728), Aboleshev A. (1734).

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