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Marketplace Currency  

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  1. 1. What should we be able to sell player made items (ships, upgrades, etc) for in the marketplace? (multiple choice)

    • Reals, keep as is
    • Doubloons
    • Combat Medals
    • Victory Marks
    • Resources/Materials
    • Specific Trade Items
    • Knowledge Books/Encyclopedias
    • Specified Ship Build/Trade

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Every since the introduction of other currencies, I have wondered why Reals is the only one we can purchase player made items with. Take this poll if you think we should be able to set what currency we wish buyers to pay for our items with. For instance, I'd like the option to sell ships for Reals, Doubloons, Victory Marks, maybe even a specific ship build, or any combination of these, rather than Reals only and having to convert these myself. Just give me the option to choose how I want paid, plz and ty. What do you think?


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Posted (edited)

selling stuff is restricted to a couple of slots for selling or buying...

one of the things that need to go for sure .!

otherwise, trading is useless in this game. having slots is a game breaker for trading...


WE NEED A OPEN MARKET. with no restriction on slots  (or at least enough to make it work)

the couple of slots we have now is not sufficient enough to have a good trading climate. (for traders)

the trading capacity needs to go to 50 slots (perhaps in steps by "trader level"     [[ new content?  ]]  (the ships captain and the merchant captain ) 

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